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A taste of normality

I headed out for dinner and drinks last night and, aside from having to sit outside, it felt like the most normal evening in…forever!

Meeting a local friend in The Munich Cricket Club on West India Quay, we barely spoke of lockdown or viruses and instead chatted and laughed and groaned about life in general. Work, plans, neighbours. It felt amazing.

I was only reminded of our predicament whenever I had to head inside to use the bathroom, donning my face mask in the process.

But the beers were so good, the food so tasty and the staff some incredibly friendly, that it was the tiniest price to pay for relaxing in the great outdoors. I once again revelled in being basic and ordered the deliciously over-the-top foot long curry wurst. Washed down with some excellent Paulaner beers by the stein.

All in all, it was the perfect Friday night to round off a bit of a tough week. But there were highlights, including confirming a trip to Scotland to see my family!

2 comments on “A taste of normality

  1. ethnicolor

    Good for you, dude! I’m half vaccinated, and should be fully vacc’ed buy the end of June. On Saturday we went into Kilkenny, had an outdoor coffee, and even got to visit KK’s new modern art galley! All face-masked, of course, but it was a real pleasure to walk around in the semblance of normality.

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