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Why I’m not buying a new iMac

The new iMac models announced at this week’s Apple Event were just delicious. Multiple colours, kick-ass specs and an all-new design.

Yet I’m not going to buy one.

The iMac I rely on in my office is a 27″ machine and still doing a great job after several years. I’m not exactly a power user. Documents, recording podcasts, tons of video meetings and creating content. My needs are simple and modest when it comes to a desktop computer.

Our home iMac was sold last year when we refurbed the study. We now have a laptop each, a laptop dock and a wall mounted monitor. A simple and effective set-up.

Both of these screens are bigger than the 24″ iMacs announced this week and I’m not sure I could go back to less screen real estate. Why splash out a ton of cash on a new desktop that represents (in some ways) a downgrade?

That said, I’m pretty sure Apple will announce larger screened iMacs later this year. A 30″ screen would be delicious, especially if they came in the same vibrant colours. I’ve already picked out my favourite: orange. It’s the accent colour in my office (and professional brand) so a lovely new iMac in shiny orange would fit right in.

But, we’re still back to the ‘need’ versus ‘want’ conundrum. I don’t need a new desktop computer. End of. But I can still admire the orange from afar.

Let’s revisit this in six or nine months and see if my views have changed.

2 comments on “Why I’m not buying a new iMac

  1. ethnicolor

    Well, there’s still lots of rumours about another iMac on the way in September, so don’t speak too soon. My tech refresh is still happening later this year, and I’m definitely waiting to see what transpires. I’m still flip-flopping between a straightforward upgrade of my 2015 21” iMac, or get a monitor and share it with a Mac Mini and a Windows PC. I love my iPad Pro and it effectively means I’m not really in the market for a MacBook; iPad does everything.

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  2. If you are satisfied with what you have, then by all means do whatever is necessary to keep you happy! The novelty of anything erodes itself too rapidly! 🙂 Naked hugs!


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