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A day in the sun

Yesterday’s weather was just perfect for some outdoors exploring, so we took advantage of the sunshine and got our move on.

I went for a speedy run around the Isle of Dogs in the morning – speedy for me, I should say. But coming in at 4mins 59secs per kilometre, it was one of my fastest runs in recent months.

After some lunch, we walked over to Wapping, following the Thames Path, and enjoyed some time at the new Wapping Docklands Market. A great selection of food and drink on offer, plenty of appropriate social distancing and, of course, wall to wall blue skies and sunshine.

If we hand’t already enjoyed lunch at home, I would have bought more than the glass of Prosecco I had. I also got @TheFrankFlyer some fresh eucalyptus – we both adore the scent.

After the return walk, I realised I still hadn’t had enough! I gathered my stuff and headed down to our shared garden, grabbing a bench in the sunshine for another hour. I read, listened to music, watched some YouTube videos and did some writing – all while pausing occasionally to face the sunshine and visualise me recharging my batteries as a result.

After I was finally in the shade, and tired of moving the heavy, wooden three-seater bench to follow the sun, I came back indoors to prep dinner. All the while, enjoying that post-sunshine glow and the feeling on my skin that I was developing a tan.

Dermatologists will of course shudder and refer to this as harmful sun damage, but I refer to it as some pre-cooking before my summer tan comes in. The proof? I finally have some tan lines again – right where my polo shirt sleeves started. Obviously, I’d prefer an all over tan, but the neighbours prepping their barbecue next to me might have had something to say about that.

I can tell you, I slept like a baby last night. The 15km of running and walking probably helped. But extended time in the sun always helps me sleep. Even with a series of particularly weird dreams. I woke up naturally at 7am and hopped out of bed, surprising myself!

Sunshine and exercise is a prescription for wellbeing I can really get behind.

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