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What an event

I have to say, even though I came away knowing I wasn’t going to be buying anything significant from Apple’s latest event, it was still incredibly interesting.

They weren’t joking when they hinted it was going to be ‘loaded’, with so many announcements dropped by Tim Cook in just the first few minutes. A new iPhone colour, just casually dropped into the conversation set the tone!

New iPads!

I was particularly interested in the new iPad Pro models – now with M1 chips. While I’m not in the market for a replacement for my trusty 2018 model, it’s nice to know that when I upgrade, it’ll be to a model that is significantly more capable. All the same, I’m hankering after some serious updates to iPadOS to make my iPad productivity dreams come true. And rumours doing the rounds this week indicate we might hear more about this at WWDC…

I think the improvements to the cameras are just what we need in this age of remote calls and socialising, and it sounds like lots of video calling platforms will be able to take advantage of the new technology – Centre Stage – that will follow your movements.

But I can’t have been the only one wondering how you’d keep the new white Smart Keyboard clean? It looks like a dirt magnet, especially if it’s made out of the same material as the existing one.

AirTags. Finally.

I laughed out loud when AirTags were finally announced. It feels like we’ve been talking about them for years, so it’s nice to see a simple but helpful product make it out to market – and not break the bank in the process. I’ll almost certainly get a couple of these – not for pets or children (I have neither) – but for keys and bags.

Colourful iMacs.

I have to admit, I’m conflicted when it comes to the new iMacs. I had an original Bondi Blue iMac twenty years ago (yes, I really am that old) and was obsessed with it. Seeing colours return to the iMac is wonderful, but I’d need to see 27” models before I get too excited. My office iMac is a wonderful 27” beast and I’m so used to that screen at work, anything else would feel like a downgrade.

I’ve no doubt that bigger iMacs are on the way, hopefully later this year. And I’ve already chosen orange, as it’s the accent colour of my brand and office. Shallow, yes. But exciting all the same.

And yet…

There was no update to my beloved iPad mini. I know it was a packed show, but I’m now resigned to a probably slight spec update some point later in the year. And because my iPad mini doesn’t really do any heavy lifting, I’m not sure it’s something I’ll go for. I was so sure there was going to be an iPad Mini announcement, I already agreed to trade-in my model.

I need to think about whether I want to go without an iPad Mini until a new model is released. If a new model is released.

Slick and entertaining

I really, really hope we don’t see a return to those stilted on-stage demonstrations of the past. These pre-recorded events are so entertaining and enjoyable. There’s not a single moment of dead screen time and edits ensure every presentation is slick and delivered perfectly.

Now the wait for iOS 14.5 begins, followed by the countdown to WWDC’s announcements. An Apple Fanboy’s work is never done…

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