Apple’s April event: some possibilities

We’re just hours from Apple’s next event, yet we still don’t know exactly what they’re going to announce.

There are some very strong rumours about new iPad Pro models, but after that, the rumours merge into a messy pile of vague possibilities. New Apple TV? New iPad Mini? Air tags?

I am in no need of further Apple-related purchases. In fact, readers of my main blog will know I’m on a minimalism drive at the moment, attempting to own less stuff – not accumulate more.

That said, when it comes to technology, I’ve already had a strict ‘one in, one out’ approach. But if I’m honest, I look past my iPad Pro and see a device that does everything I need it to, and then some. It’s far from being on its last legs and I’m finding it difficult to imagine what Apple would need to announce to get me to upgrade.

My iPad Pro wishlist

If I think back over the last year, a couple of things stand out. Given all the FaceTime calls I’ve had with friends and family, I’d love a future iPad Pro to have a front facing camera on the long side, so it’s centred when in landscape orientation. Just like on a laptop. That would remove so much eye contact awkwardness.

I’d also love them to introduce Touch ID via the home button on the side, just like with the iPad Air. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s my strange face – but I struggle with getting it to activate when it’s on the desk in front of me. Being able to wake the iPad with a simple tap of the button would be a win from my perspective.

If I’m honest, there’s pretty much zero chance of these things happening. It’s much more likely that the new models will come with the expected boost to their innards and some new screen technology. Personally speaking? Yawn. Which is great for my bank balance and my attempt to avoid needless purchases.

Some other possibilities

I still, with something approaching religious faith, believe there will be a new iPad mini model announced this year, which will look like a miniature iPad Pro. It’s been years since it got any love and it’s just such a perfect mobile device.

Yes, iPhones are getting larger and larger, but they’re still not a replacement for an iPad when it comes to reading or writing. If an iPad mini was announced that worked with a new Apple Pencil, then I’d be first in line to buy both.

Although they’re an interesting concept, I have no interest in Air Tags. I’m pretty careful with my stuff and have only (thankfully) had my phone stolen once – when partying in Sitges. Maybe I’ll change my mind when this long-rumoured product actually launches, but as of writing I’m pretty lukewarm about the whole thing.

I’ve also read some rumours about updates iMacs. While nice for future me, my office iMac is working just fine, thank you. Maybe next year. Maybe sooner if the design is fancy enough and if the camera gets a quality boost for all that on-screen presenting and meeting I’m doing now.

Apple at Home

If there’s one space where Apple could easily get me to spend some cash this quarter, it’s at home. After canceling the HomePod (of which I have four!) and failing to do anything meaningful with Apple TV for quite sometime, you have to wonder what their strategy for the home looks like. They could literally own this space, if they put their mind to it.

A year of keeping in touch via video means I’m super interested in any Apple product for the home that has a camera. Whether it’s the rumoured new Apple TV or some kind of HomePod with a screen. I want to be able to sit back from my devices and have a call with someone on my TV. Pop in my AirPods for perfect sound and live that Star Trek fantasy.

And you just know that if I got one, I’d immediately set up a Siri Shortcut triggered by me saying ‘On screen’ in my best Patrick Stewart impression.

Looking forward

If I’m honest, I’m a lot more excited about the arrival of iOS 14.5 and the ability to open my phone while wearing a face mask. This is going to have more of a positive impact on my quality of life than anything else they could announce on Tuesday!

And based on experience, I’ll get a thrill from the WWDC keynote and what it promises in terms of software updates for all my devices.

See you back here after Tuesday’s event!

(Photo by Henry Ascroft on Unsplash)

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