Easy does it…

I treated myself to an early finish at work yesterday and made it home at little after lunchtime.

After relaxing on the sofa for a bit, I headed out for some socially distanced beers in the great outdoors.

Just like last time, it was wonderful to interact with other people (albeit two people, albeit the same two people as last week), even though the weather wasn’t exactly conducive for al fresco consumption. We headed home once the chill really set in, but it was more than enough to top up my social batteries.

I’m blaming Dry January, but I’m seriously out of practice when it comes to drinking. I”m feeling rough this morning, when a typical Saturday following last night would see me bouncing around. I actually think it’s a good thing – I’d much rather not be able to sink pints with abandon, and instead keep an eye on each beer, knowing the potential damage it’s doing to my Saturday morning.

As a result, I had a woeful night’s sleep – yet woke up naturally before 6am. Thanks for nothing, brain.

Anyway, today is going to be spent largely on self-care activities. I’m going to treat myself to a facial, address some urgent manscaping issues, and take care of my feet – running hasn’t been kind to them over the last few weeks. I’m also going to do some more yoga, a habit I’ve neglected in recent weeks. I started it again earlier in the week and really noticed how great it makes me feel – inside and out. And, owing to my appalling sleep, no doubt I’ll be having a nap too, at some point.

We’re ordering in a Japanese meal tonight as it’s @TheFrankFlyer‘s birthday. No outdoor beers, no socialising. We’ll have a belated celebration when it’s allowed. For now, it’ll be a mellow Japanese curry at home and potentially, an early night.

Not the Saturday 21 year old me could have imagined enjoying, but the Saturday that 45 year old me needs.

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