Binning more distractions

While slowly regaining consciousness this morning, I did a bit more digital de-cluttering.

I removed a whole bunch of apps from my iPhone and iPad Mini – and once again, the deleting felt very, very good. There were apps I’ve never used, as well as apps that represent a depressing time-sink. The main offender was Pinterest, which I took great pleasure in deleting.

You’d think I’d find it useful, given all the time I find myself scrolling through it. But it’s never been in any way useful – unless you count feeling a lot of FOMO when I see a new gorgeous object. I’ve identified Pinterest as a primary source of my acquisitive habit, as it shows me (correction: showed me) accessories, notebooks, shoes and other delightful stuff, which I often ended buying quite impulsively.

If not, I’d spend stupid amounts of time researching the beautiful objects I’d spotted on Pinterest, before coming to the conclusion that I didn’t actually need said product at all. So just like Pringles at hone, if Pinterest isn’t on my devices, then I won’t use it and get sucked into pointless scrolling and a need to buy something as a result.

Maybe I’m over-egging it here a little. I haven’t wracked up massive debt or turned into one of those hoarders you see on TV. But I know I’ve spent far too much valuable time scrolling aimlessly and I know that Pinterest is a bottomless pit of temptation.

And so, it gets binned.

I’m aiming to launch a bit of a lightning strike on one of my drawers this weekend too. It’s the one where I store sweatpants, running gear and work-out stuff. It’s an absolute mess and, when getting some pants out for yoga this morning, I realised something had to give.

I’ve been holding on to some incredibly old stuff in that drawer, as if I was some kind of triathlete. I need far fewer workout accessories than this particular drawer would suggest, so it’s time to get a bin-liner and adopt my Marie Kondo voice for a while.

But first, time to get dressed, go to the local Asian supermarket and pick up some ingredients for tomorrow’s planned meal. It’s my turn to cook, so I want to do something special. Yes – two Japanese meals in a row. We know how to live…

(Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash)

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