Blogging Simplicity

The cull continues

I’ve just spent some time cancelling newsletter subscriptions, deleting Tumblr accounts and removing unused WordPress sites from existence.

And it feels good.

Honestly, a glance at my passwords stored in Safari and you’d think I was managing social media for an entire family, not just one person. So my online presence continues to shrink, in line with my desire to make like simpler.

And yet, it still feels a little unwieldy. I have a work blog (a necessity and part of my main work website), a professional blog (not strictly a necessity, but work-adjacent and good for ‘the profile’) and this blog. Add to that Instagram and Twitter and it all seems a little bit much.

At least Tumblr is off the table. It was becoming a bottomless pit of social scrolling and a total time-sink. I’m happy to have it off my devices and can’t see myself going back.

As for this site, while I’m sorely tempted to send it the way of Tumblr, I think what might be more useful is to iterate and strip away fat until I’ve identified a core focus. That’s option one. Option two is to continue with the same stream-of-consciousness bollocks that’s proved so popular over the last decade or so.

And you know I’m all about the quality.

(Photo by Thomas Stephan on Unsplash)

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