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Shorts, just in time

With impeccable timing, I unpacked all my summer clothing on Friday, and today summer showed up in London. For a few hours, anyway.

After a late morning run in the sun, I was determined to get out and absorb some more precious sunshine. A quick shower and brunch, then we headed out to walk by the river.

Unfortunately, everyone else in our postcode seems to have had the same idea. But there we are.

We walked the now-familiar route to Wapping and back, clocking in at just over 6km. All while wearing shorts.

I know, right?!

I’m one of these guys who judges others for wearing shorts at the merest hint of sunshine, but today it was me. And I enjoyed every moment. When in the sunshine, it was a delight. When walking through shade, you could feel it was still April. So we kept to the sunshine as much as possible.

So around I plodded, wearing shorts that hadn’t seen the light of day since my last trip to Sitges. Memories of time in the sun came flooding back and it all put me in an exceedingly good mood. I regularly imagined I was once again in Spain, soaking up sun and generally lying around naked for days at a time.

On top of my 6km run this morning, the walk took me to over 15,000 steps and a very lovely feeling of contentment. That sort of gentle tiredness that comes from doing lovely things. Not the skull-crushing exhaustion of long hours or boredom.

I’ve just finished dinner – a lovely combination of creamy, chill pasta and chicken breasts in breadcrumbs – and feeling very good about the world in general. Soon it’ll be time to have my first chocolate of the day. Running a bit late for Easter Sunday, I know.

I have a nice Lindt chocolate bunny awaiting decapitation in the kitchen. I’m just torn as to whether I should fill its remaining body cavity with Baileys, as per the (obviously) impactful advertising.

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