WWDC Confirmed: what next?

So it’s official: Apple’s WWDC event is going ahead, but it’s going to be online only.

This isn’t too much of a surprise, given what’s going on in the world, and Apple’s previous pre-filmed product announcements have been well-received. I’m confident they’ll pull together a great experience this year. And we can all look forward to something in-person in 2022.

But now, the race is on: what will they announce at the event and who will be first to leak something juicy?

I’m hoping for a big boost to what iPadOS can do, given all the rumours of more powerful iPad Pro models being announced soon. iPadOS really needs to differentiate itself from iOS and do so definitively this year. I think it’s seemed like a ‘blown up’ version of the iPhone’s interface for too long. And these devices are just too different now. Apple continuously implies the iPad is a worthwhile laptop replacement, so it should really have an OS that reflects this.

I’d love to see Apple’s own apps like Notes and Reminders get some love – some significant love. There’s so much room for improvement in both of these apps. And the iPadOS use of widgets really needs to change – a static column to the left of the screen was a bit of a disappointment, especially given all the great widgets that developers have released over the last year.

Given Apple also recently discontinued the HomePod, I’m intrigued as to what they’ll cover when it comes to devices at home. Will there be a HomePod replacement? In addition to the HomePod mini, that is. And what about the Apple TV? It’s really in need of some love! My dream scenario for the Apple TV is the release of a high-end model with a built-in camera for comfortable FaceTiming from your living room.

We’ve all had to set up temporary ‘broadcast studios’ in our homes during the pandemic, balancing laptops on stacks of books and holding iPads at a distance to include the family. Apple could make this experience so much better and give consumers an option for comfortable and high quality video conferencing from home.

What are you looking forward to? What are your hopes for iOS and iPadOS? Do you think there’ll be a mind-blowing ‘just one more thing’ this year? With just over eight weeks to go, there’s plenty of time to find and consume all the rumours 😁

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