iPhone 12 Pro Max: the verdict

My little iPhone 12 Pro Max experiment has come to an end. I was surprised at how quickly I made up my own mind about it, but now I’m certain.

I’m sending it back.

I know, I’m as surprised you are. Despite the delightfully big screen and how easy it is to read, the downsides outweigh the positives. The thing is just too damned big!

I don’t possess any pockets large enough to hold it comfortably, as I’m not one of those guys who things ‘tactical’ equipment equates to a grown man’s wardrobe. All I could think of was the summer, wearing shorts, and having an enormous mobile phone sticking out of the pocket.

It’s also heavy. Mostly because you need a case on it. For the price, there’s no way I’m taking it anywhere without protection, all of which adds weight and heft. I’ve been using Apple’s own leather case with it (another thing to return!) which, while beautiful, makes a large phone even larger.

However, the real clincher for me is the display. It’s a delight, but it basically gives you no more real estate than the 12 Pro. I could maybe see one more tweet while using Twitter. But no more icons on the home screen, no more widgets. It’s just a 12 Pro with a larger screen and that’s disappointing.

The courier is coming to pick it up today and I’m glad I had the chance to get the itch addressed. I don’t think I’ll be tempted by another Max model, unless the above points are addressed in the future.

For now, it’s iPhone 12 Pro all the way.

(Photo by Mark Chan on Unsplash)

4 comments on “iPhone 12 Pro Max: the verdict

  1. Good to know. The screen real estate being the same but only seeing a little more is telling. Not worth the downsides like you said. Maybe instead just carry around an iPad mini! Glad you figured out the best fit for you.


    • Exactly! If I could get more icons, more content and more flexibility out of, it would have been great. But to me, it’s essentially a blown up 12 Pro. I’ll be turning to my iPad mini for a bigger screen for sure!

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  2. ethnicolor

    I’ve never kept a phone in my trouser pockets, only jacket pockets, so the Max iPhone sizes have never bothered me in that regard. Starting with the X, I’ve only used an Apple silicone case and a very good screen protector, which add a minimum of extra bulk and are effective, as multiple drops of that X and 11 Pro Max have proved (so far…) The camera benefits are what I usually use to justify the Max, though in the 12 Pro they’re not much of an upgrade, in fairness.

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