iPhone 12 Pro Max: thoughts

I came home from work yesterday to find my new iPhone 12 Pro Max waiting for me. I’ll be honest: absolutely nothing else got done until I’d set it up.

As I mentioned last time, I’m going to put it through its paces for a few days before I decide whether or not I’ll keep it. But putting it side by side with my existing 12 Pro just shows how enormous is it! I have concerns about fitting it in pockets (once we’re allowed to start socialising again…).

The screen is wonderfully large and this ageing fanboy appreciates not having to squint at text in low light.

I haven’t noticed any major differences between the two phones aside from screen size and weight, but I plan to test out the camera on my lunchtime walk today.

Honestly? No strong feelings either way. Let’s see how I feel after y first morning commute with the Pro X in my pocket.

(Photo by Dennis Brendel on Unsplash)

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