Scratching that ‘Max’ itch

I opted for the iPhone 12 Pro and not it’s much bigger big brother last year. I was so sure it was ‘enough’, yet I’ve wondered several times if I was somehow missing out.

So I’ve opted to scratch that itch and get an iPhone 12 Pro Max to try out for a few days. Apple’s generous returns policy means it’s possible to do this – remember my episode with the AirPods Max?

I bought it earlier this afternoon and it’s due to be delivered on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces and comparing it to the smaller model. Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between them, specs-wise, but there is that significantly bigger screen.

And I love me a big-screened phone. Honestly. I used to lust after those incredible Chinese Phablets from several years ago: 7 inch screens and bizarre variants of Android. I always wanted Apple to build something similar, and at 6.7″ it’s not that far off. And of course, it has the far superior iOS on board! 😉

I’m going to give it until the weekend and if it’s a keeper, then I’ll list my iPhone 12 Pro on eBay. If not, back it goes to Apple and I’ll have learnt a valuable lesson: the technology grass is always greener…something something.

(Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash)

4 comments on “Scratching that ‘Max’ itch

  1. I think you’ll keep the max.

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