No March Apple event?

It really looks like it’s too late for Apple to announce and hold a product announcement event in March.

I was really only interested in the prospect of a new iPad Mini, as I’ve no plans to update my iPad Pro for some time. There’s no reason they can’t announce some new products in April, or even spread out the announcements across several months.

It’s not like they’re going to organise an in-person massive Apple event, but they do need to film a snazzy video for us all to watch as if we’re watching a live event.

Personally, I prefer these new Apple events – they cut to the details faster, they’re edited down to the second and infinitely less awkward than some of the live sessions they’ve held over the years.

I’m still holding onto the hope that they’ll announce an update to the iPad Mini in the coming months, but to be honest – with everything else going on in the world, it hasn’t made my top ten list of concerns!

What are you looking forward to, should Apple actually have an April event?

(Photo by Laurenz Heymann on Unsplash)

1 comment on “No March Apple event?

  1. My request is simple. Just give the base iPad 64GB storage instead of the paltry 32GB at the same price.

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