Lockdown Life

One year of lockdown later

I find myself sitting in exactly the same spot, doing exactly the same thing, dressed in exactly the same way.

This time last year, lockdown was still a novel concept. I was getting into a lovely routine of morning yoga and long walks along the river, welcoming the break from the ‘daily grind’. How little I knew.

A year later, I’m still here, lying back on my sofa and pondering how long this will go on for. I’ve fallen out of my super-healthy routine from March 2020, but at least I’ve pulled myself out of the self-destructive abyss that was December 2020 – when I sailed on the high seas of Baileys and chocolate. With a daily sprinkling of Pringles and beer.

On the one hand, it has seemed like an endless dreary Bank Holiday weekend – lots of time on my hands but with little to do. Strong memories of Easter growing up in Dublin.

On the other hand, the year has absolutely flown by. Lockdown has messed with our collective perception of time, of that I’m sure. Hopefully the speed will apply to the next month or two and I can get my second vaccine shot and maybe even enjoy a real pint in a real pub.

Enough of the navel gazing. I have some brunch to prepare and some tea to savour. And a walk outside to enjoy.

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