My Productive iPad

I know a lot of iPad owners will use the device primarily for entertainment, gaming and social networking. The iPad makes for a great all-round leisure device for sure. 

But when it comes to the iPad Pro, mine is a productivity device first a foremost, so I thought I’d share a few reflections on how it helps me get things done. 

Starting off

As previously shared, my Apple-infused day actually starts with a wake-up alarm from my Apple Watch. Not long after getting my very important coffee, I have my iPad Pro in hand, scrolling through Things 3 (yes, I’m still using it!) to identify my must-do priorities for the day, reminding myself of my agenda via Fantastical and then starting a fresh daily note in Craft

This time with the iPad really sets the tone for the remainder of my day. Not long after, I’ll be in the shower, where so many of my good ideas magically appear in my mind. If it’s super urgent, I’ll dictate a reminder to Siri while I’m still sopping wet. But if my morning brain can hold onto the thought, I’ll grab my iPad Pro once I’m out of the bathroom and make a few notes.

Take note!

When it comes to work, my project notes are now in Craft. Scribbled notes from calls or voicemails are gathered in the Notes app with my Apple Pencil. If they’re important enough, if I need a record of them, I’ll convert them to PDF and drag them into Craft for future reference. 

My job involves quite a bit of online activity, including managing a few social media accounts for my business. The iPad Pro is perfect for having a quick glance at mentions and ensuring scheduled tweets and posts have gone out. 

When I’m working from my offices, my iPad Pro sits in a stand next to my iMac, where I use it as a second screen. Either it’s showing me Things 3, notes I’ve written down for a paper or blog post I need to write, or it’s acting as a notepad while I use the iMac for my many, many….many video calls each day. 

21st Century Post-it Note

I used to go through a sinful volume of post-it notes every day. And not the little ones, either. I was a fan of the really large A5 ones. The iPad Pro and Apple Notes app have basically replaced these completely. Instead of grabbing pen and paper when someone calls, I just reach for my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, double tap the screen, and start writing. 

I like to take a break from my desk when it’s time for lunch. I nearly always go for a walk by the dock next to my office. But while I’m eating whatever I’ve bought in, I’ll move to the meeting table and get comfortable with a youtube video or video podcast. 

Reading and writing

During my working day, I’ll use the iPad Pro to refer to useful content either in Pocket, Readwise or Goodreader, which is excellent for reading and marking up PDFs. Gone are the days when I’d need to print out a journal article and mark it up with a highlighter. It’s all electronic now, saving more paper and backing up my annotations into the cloud. 

All in all

Most work days, the iPad Pro is never far from my reach. It’s become an essential tool and, given its size and weight, doesn’t require any thought before packing in a bag. Whether for the commute or a business trip somewhere in Europe, it’s the perfect device for keeping productive when on the move.

Yes, I also use the same iPad Pro to read comics, watch sci-fi on Netflix and FaceTime with friends, but it’s primarily a work device and one that I can’t picture my day without.

What about you? How do you get things done with your iPad?

(Photo by Francois Hoang on Unsplash)

3 comments on “My Productive iPad

  1. That’s great. I typically have my iPad beside my computer while working. Or I will carry the iPad somewhere nice to work. I use the iPad for email, messaging, and tasks daily. I use Pages and Numbers – Numbers always seems nicer on a large desktop screen but it is quite useable with finger input. I use Apple Notes, and Evernote. I just downloaded Craft – which is what led me here.
    Lastly the best use of the iPad is for photo editing. Being able to use the pencil is a dream.
    Cheers/ Cody

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  2. I still aim to buy a new iPad this year. And as I read things about it, Apple Pencil sounds more and more like a productivity tool and not just an artist’s instrument. I’m very curious about using Pencil (instead of mouse/trackpad/finger) for text selection while typing long-form. Thanks for sharing! Glad you find so much utility in iPad.

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