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Japanese: Moving on

I’m settling in for my final Japanese lesson this morning. The course ends after ten weeks of three hour lessons and an intensive introduction to the language.

I’ve loved it, even though at times, I felt completely out of my depth. The teacher has been super-patient and attentive and the small class size made all the difference. There are only seven students and, while that means there’s no place to hide from challenging questions about counting (my weakest point), it also means you get a lot of one-on-one time with the teacher.

All that said, I’m not signing up for the next iteration of the programme. It’s been a big ask to dedicate every Saturday morning to this and while I don’t have to cross the city to go to a classroom, it still seems to eat up a big chunk of my weekend. My plan is to continue my studies solo, using all the really excellent third party resources I’ve come across over the last few months.

My confidence in spoken Japanese has come on leaps and bounds and I’ve already been deviating from the curriculum to learn concepts that I know I’ll need when I’m back in Tokyo.

Yes, that’s when not if. Have to stay positive and optimistic that I’ll get at least one visit to Japan this year.

We’ve still got lots to cover in this final lesson, which kicks off in less than an hour. So it’s time to make some more coffee, review last week’s notes again and have a look at the handouts that were shared on Google Classroom yesterday. I’d like to finish on a positive note!

4 comments on “Japanese: Moving on

  1. ethnicolor

    Good for you! We’ve recently started Spanish, but just 1 hour per week with a trainer. We signed up for a trial 4 sessions, but I think we’re going to go the full three months. I’ve a smattering of French and Italian, so that has really helped know what I need to know to speak the language. Like you and Japan, Spain will feature very largely in our future (assuming we have one 😀 ) and regardless of where in the world you head for, a bit of the lingo never goes amiss!

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