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More Japanese notebook madness

My attempts at avoiding online stationery impulse purchases have been made all the more difficult by lockdown boredom!

I think I’ve done pretty well over the last few moths, but this weekend I splurged – a late birthday gift for myself, if you will. I got myself a couple of notebooks from Stalogy (yes more Japanese stationery); one in the familiar A5 size and one in the dainty but portable A6 size.

It’s not long since I unpacked them both, but I’m already impressed. The paper quality is a delight and each one of the 368 pages has a helpful (and tiny) day and date indicator at the top of the page.

Yes, it’s not my usual dot grid, but the grid on these pages is no faint, it’s not a distraction.

The impulse element of this purchase means I’m not totally certain as to how I’ll use them, but I think the A5 will be a largely professional bullet journal, while the A6 will be an everyday notebook to through in my coat pocket or tote bag when I’m out and about.

See? I’m pretty optimistic that days out will be a thing once again before long!

The A5 is a perfect fit for my Bellroy leather folio, which I’m determined to use more this year. It’s been languishing in the safety of my study for an age, which is no use if I actually want to enjoy it. And so, it will pick up some scrapes and come into contact with all kinds of strange surfaces when life restarts. And that’s what it’s designed for!

Now, these notebooks are a tad more expensive than the Leuchtturms I’ve been buying over the last year. But they contain about twice as many pages, so based on my vague logic, I’m going to get more value from them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a couple of gorgeous notebooks to caress and set up.

1 comment on “More Japanese notebook madness

  1. ethnicolor

    One never needs an excuse to buy another notebook – just buy and enjoy!

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