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More in hope than expectation

With the recently-revealed UK plan to move out of lockdown, my mind turns to travel planning. I’ve become quite accustomed to having travel plans dashed over the last year, so any remaining trips in the calendar for 2021 are…conceptual, at best.

We decided to book a long weekend in Mallorca, to see the in-laws. It’s been an age since we saw them in the flesh, and all going well we’ll be there for the final weekend in May. This will be after both of us have our second vaccine jab and lots of non-essential services ave re-opened in the UK.

Obviously, I’ve no idea what state Spain will be in and whether it’ll even be allowing visitors this summer. But a date in the diary is a boost to my mental health and it can always be rescheduled for later in the year.

Considering the likely context, TheFrankFlyer found us a hotel room with a very large private deck. Complete with a whole set of sofas and tables and chairs, it means we can entertain his parents there and avoid any crowded venues elsewhere in town. That is, if they’re even open!

But with a view of the beach, and plenty of space to lie down and sunbathe in privacy, it’s something I’m really looking forward to. No need to go to a crowded beach when I can lie on a sun bed just steps away from our fridge and shower. And with nobody overlooking us, I can work on getting that all-over tan I love so much.

Some nice walks in the sun, some hours lying down in the sun and some evenings watching the sunset with something cold and refreshing in my hand. Heaven.

Speaking of, I’d be delighted to get a few hours of London sunshine if at all possible, never mind balmy Mediterranean rays. I feel extremely pale and washed out and basically look like a different person compared to this time last year. One horrifying thought that occurred to me is that this is really my natural look.

Like all those women who couldn’t get their hair coloured under lockdown, adjusting to the grey streaks, I may have to adjust to the insipid milky tones on my arms and legs if I don’t get into the sun soon.

The walk home after my vaccination yesterday was a case in point. I wish I’d spent more time in the glorious sunshine, but had to make it home to finish my monthly accounts and get on a call. Just an hour of looking up at the sunshine would have made all the difference, I think.

Mind you, I don’t think there was any chance of stripping off anywhere in Canary Wharf to tan the rest of me, so I’ll keep clinging to the hope of a Mallorcan break in less than 100 days.

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