Keeping daily pages in Craft

So I’ve turned into quite the fan of Craft. It’s doing everything I’d want from a Notes app and so much more.

I’m pretty much using it for everything bar quick notes scribbled with my Apple Pencil – these are still in the Notes app. But if I need to keep them for something, a quick screen shot and they go into Craft.

(I still can’t figure out how to share an Apple Notes note straight into Craft. If anyone out there knows how, I’d be very, very grateful to hear your method!).

One of the things I’m using Craft intensively for is my daily notes. Each day I start a new note and throughout my day, add thoughts, things I’ve learnt, ideas, memories etc. I also save the things I’ve grateful for and links to anything I’ve read that I might want to come back to later.

Using backlinks, I can build something of a knowledge base – a lot like what I was trying to achieve with Notion, but without all the hard work, faffing about and complexity.

At the end of the day, at the tap of a button, Craft automatically turns this into a nicely formatted journal entry in Day One. I like how, even if I stop using Craft in the future, I’ll still have all these entries in my main journal app.

Why not do all this in Day One?

With a Craft daily note permanently open on my MacBook Pro, it takes mere moments to drop a link, sentence, image or bullet point from wherever I am. Almost zero friction. It takes a while to get Day One going, and so much easier to push the finished entry into it at the end of my day.

There’s been quite the clamour on Craft’s Slack channel for the development of a more formal Daily Pages functionality. I’m interested to see how them implement this, but for now I’m happy with my simple solution. 

I love how Craft is evolving and how the development team are responding to feedback, but also keeping it on the straight and narrow. No plans to turn it into another Notion – just to make it the best ever notes app possible.

And I’m here for that.

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