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A delicious Asian surprise

@TheFrankFlyer and I headed out for a walk earlier this afternoon and, after passing the same Asian supermarket for months now, we finally decided to go in.

Oh my.

The drab outside hide a spacious, bright and incredibly clean interior. It reminded me of the Tardis. I couldn’t believe how much bigger it was inside. Grabbing a basket, I just knew I’d be leaving with some of my favourites. So well stocked and brilliantly organised, it was simply to find everything I could have wanted.

And so it was to be.

Gyoza, takoyaki, ramen and some Japanese curry sauce. And the rest! I acted like I was in some kind of lockdown Asian supermarket sweep. In fact, it was pennies away from £35, but still a lot cheaper than the Japan Centre where we used to buy these treats. You know, in the before times…

I’m looking forward to making some curry in the weeks ahead and you can be sure that it will be accompanied by a half-dozen takoyaki. Portion size be damned.

You see? In these lockdown times, it’s the little things that can bring joy to a man’s soul. As long as those little things are spicy, seafood flavoured and covered in delicious Japanese mayonnaise.

(Photo by Beth Macdonald on Unsplash)

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