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The travel I don’t really miss

This day two years ago, I was waking up in London City Airport. I mean, I had regained consciousness a couple of hours beforehand, but I was really waking up in the airport.

I was waiting for one of my regular business flights to Dublin and it wasn’t long after 7am. An ungodly hour for any human being to be navigating public transport, let alone someone with such an intolerance for the morning as me.

I can remember so many mornings spent in London City Airport, waiting for the 07:45 BA flight to Dublin. Sipping an over-priced, bitter coffee and struggling to get the wifi to work. The flights were frequently delayed, leading to some last-minute rescheduling of meetings. After a few weeks, I began to see the same people on the same flights. I stopped getting to the airport so stupidly early, instead arriving just in time for the boarding call at the gate.

Totally worth it for another thirty minutes in bed.

Some mornings, the coffee had kicked in before takeoff and I was super-productive, tapping away at my iPad and coming up with all kinds of ideas. Other mornings, it was too late and the vibrations of the plane sent me to sleep shortly after take-off.

It’s a very short hop to Dublin, but it’s long enough that you can fall into a deep sleep. I”m sorry to say being woken up by cabin crew working through the cabin at some pace is not something I ever got used to. That and the drool…

Don’t get me wrong. I love Dublin and one of the best things about the last few years was the fact my job got me back home so frequently. But the early starts, the surly and argumentative taxi drivers at the airport, the strange beds…it all took its toll. I began to rely on the Kayak travel app to such a degree that I honestly wouldn’t know where I was sleeping that night until I’d double-checked it.

And while I’d bite your hand off to get a trip to Dublin right now, I don’t want to return to that kind of work schedule.

3 comments on “The travel I don’t really miss

  1. ethnicolor

    There’s going to be so many people making so many changes to their lives when we ‘get back to normal’, ha ha ha. We always went out for Sunday lunch to any of the great restaurants Kilkenny City and county is rightly famous for. Now, a year later, I’m damned if we’re going to spend that amount of money for lunch when we can eat just as well at home,and save the money towards regular, long stays abroad. This is just one change for one couple; the world is going to be different, no doubt about it.


    • Totally agree. I won’t be volunteering to hope on a plane at the first sniff of new work. I won’t be paying £7 a pint, when friendly local pubs with reasonable prices need the business. Though I’m gasping for a meal out so much, that I think the first month I can, it’ll be dinners out nightly for a while!!!

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      • ethnicolor

        I’ve a live-in chef, you see… top quality meals all the time! Actually that was the main reason behind my being 4Kg heavier than ever before at the start of 2021 – I had to dial back the food and wine. Did pretty good too, thanks to unusual will-power and Huel!

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