Lockdown Life

Some Winter sun

I stepped out for a second walk of the day once I’d wrapped up work yesterday, to catch the end of the precious sunlight. A quick scoot around the Canary Wharf estate, some fresh air and movement.

It was just what I needed.

I snapped a few pics as I went round, as I tend to do. I love spotting the beauty hidden in some of the uglier spots of my neighbourhood. As the great Philosopher Madonna Louise Ciccone once wrote, ‘Beauty’s where you find it’.

What caught my attention was how the sunlight and blue skies bounced off the various mirrored office blocks in the area. Normally I’m not a fan of some of them, but they do reflect the light beautifully at times. And with lockdown in place, you have to enjoy the diversions you stumble across.

Even though it snowed again overnight, there’s some lovely sun out there again today. So hopefully, weather permitting, I’ll get outside for more winter sun adventures later on.

But first: another 5,000 words or so to write. I managed over 6,500 yesterday, so here goes nothing!

8 comments on “Some Winter sun

  1. ethnicolor

    Great shot, and again I’m just astounded at how much the parts of London has changed in a decade or so, amazing girls. Are you writing for work or pleasure?


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