Lockdown Life

My sunny writing perch

Another day of working from home. I have an absolute ton of writing to get done and the prospect fills me with joy. No client calls, no backlog of urgent tasks – just a long day stretching before me with the opportunity to churn out a few thousand words.

Churn? No. Several thousand carefully-selected and impactful words, obviously.

It’s not often that I get to do this. Due to the nature of my work I often have a pretty hectic schedule each day fitting in client appointments, meetings, and the kind of design work for training courses that pay the bills. But today I’ve managed to carve out a day to do the writing that I know I need to do for the year ahead.

After several days of grey dismal weather, the sun has returned to London and outside looks simply glorious. And while ideally I should be sitting at the kitchen table typing away, I can’t resist a few more moments on the sofa sitting in the sunshine. I feel like I need to recharge my batteries.

I’ve said it before but the impact of sunshine on my mood never fails to amaze me. Like a seal fresh out of the sea, I’ll orient myself to any available sunshine and soak up the warmth whenever I can. Winter or summer, I can’t get enough. 

So putting productivity to one side, I’ll enjoy one more cup of coffee while this sun is still here and just bask in its glow. For now, those thousands of words can wait. 

3 comments on “My sunny writing perch

  1. ethnicolor

    A-ha! Here’s your brother! I had an afternoon appointment which was subsequently cancelled (OK, ok, I stupidly booked a barber’s appointment, during lockdown, on a local barber’s appointment system that was stupidly left running), and so I had a few hours to do some writing… and, finally, eventually you might say, I have cut my teeth on my own blog – https://nextup.blog – a blog chiefly about planning for retirement, and maybe a bit of travel and nerdy stuff now and again. To quote Lt. Commander Data, “Your guidance is much valued, Councillor.”

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