Lockdown Life

Rinse and repeat

It’s Monday again and I’m staring down the barrel of another week of working from home. It’s far from a disaster, but I’m really looking for ways to mix it up a bit now.

While it’s fairly easy to delineate week from weekend (for me, at least), I still wake up each morning of the working week unsure what day it is. Sometimes I even forget there’s a pandemic and enjoy a few moments of bliss before reality comes crashing down.

There are definitely worse things in life to experience than boredom. And I’m not really bored, per se. But I do miss a bit of variety in my working week. I also have a particularly quiet (on the client front) week ahead. On the one hand, this is going to give me an excellent opportunity to make progress on some ‘internal’ business projects. On the other hand, I can see the potential for quite a few hours spent napping if I’m not careful!

Lockdown fatigue is still a thing.

Getting some perspective

So it’s time to identify some priorities for the week and theme each day, where possible. Today is business development, tomorrow is training development, Wednesday is writing and planning, Thursday is more training development and Friday is admin and general tidying up of the business.

My daily priorities are clearly labelled in Todoist and all my appointments are in my calendar. There’s a structure there, it’s just up to me to reveal it and make it obvious. And each day, there’s a log to be written up and some gratitude to be expressed.

I quite like my little working from home setup. With @TheFrankFlyer usually in the study, I’m at our dining table, enjoying the space of our living room. I have plants around me, lots of natural light and the equipment I need to avoid getting RSI from using a laptop all day.

And with a fresh cup of coffee to my right, it’s time to make a start!

(Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash)

2 comments on “Rinse and repeat

  1. ethnicolor

    I like the sound of your working week! As 2021 unfolds (BTW, isn’t February 2021 the _neatest_ calendar month ever?!) my days are degenerating into endless ‘meetings’ with people based in the US Eastern time zone, getting later and later into the evening time. “I know it’s late for you but…” is what I hear more and more of. As the company takes up its own interpretation of ‘agile working’ my manager doesn’t have anything to do with my actual work, and it’s up to me to say yea or nay to appointments. As I’m in a work team now at the forming stage, I just have to accept it for now, especially as I’ll be gone this time next year. So enjoy the control you have over your own days, not everyone is so lucky!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re right, of course! I’m just looking for something to moan about. I have a huge amount of discretion when organising my time and it’s something I sometimes forget.

      Liked by 1 person

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