Saying goodbye to Dry January

Earlier this week, I ended my Dry January experience several days into February, demonstrating my deep distain for either deadlines or social expectations.

On Friday evening, I cracked open a can of my favourite beer – Brewdog’s Speedbird IPA – and savoured it over a catch-up FaceTime call with a friend and fellow beer enthusiast. While we’ve enjoyed many a beer-tasting afternoon together, this was a close second and I savoured both the beer and the company.

I had a single beer and then moved onto sparkling water. Surprising myself, I found that one was quite enough. Maybe after thirty-five days of abstemious life, a single can of beer is now sufficient? Maybe I’m out of practice? Either way, that one beer was delicious and was a lovely start to the weekend after what turned out to be a busy week on the work front.

Last night, I had a single Nanobot session IPA from Beavertown. This is a low alcohol (2.8%) but super-tasty beer and, again, a single beer after dinner was just the thing.

I think my efforts at weight loss for the month of January have made me a lot more mindful of the calories in every single can. So I’d much rather have a single beer (or maybe two) and enjoy every single sip, than have several and not really notice as I’m drinking them.

I’m still amazed at how easy Dry January actually was. On reflection, I think it was because I wanted to shed some weight and calorie-laden beer really didn’t sit well with that. Rather than deprive myself of tasty beers for no good reason except other people were doing it. So there was no good reason to crack open a can.

Good to know for future months!

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