Lockdown Life

Lounging about like Cary

After spending next to no money on clothing since the great clearcut of the wardrobe in Winter 2020, I splurged a little in the Uniqlo sale last month.

It’s actually difficult to spend a lot of money at Uniqlo. Seriously. But going in at sale time means you come out with far more than you’d planned, but all of it good. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a dud item there.

Wait. “Why the obsession with Uniqlo?” I hear you ask. It’s basically because they make clothing that perfectly fits my hobbit frame. Their Japanese origins come shining through with sweaters, t-shirts and jackets made for people of…diminutive stature.

Anyway, one of the best purchases I made last month was a pair of brushed cotton pyjamas. This is a bit of a departure for me as I never wear the things! But the lockdown period has meant I don’t want to sit around in the clothes I’ve been wearing ‘to work’ all day once the evening comes around. And I don’t really fancy choosing a whole new outfit for the couple of hours I’m still upright.

Cue pyjamas. They’re dark navy and look and feel like they were made for me. In my head, I resemble Cary Grant in one of those movies where he emerges from his boudoir perfectly coiffed and wearing immaculate pyjamas, ready to be charming and self-deprecating. In reality, I don’t, but the fantasy is an enjoyable one.

The weather this month has not been conducive to sitting around in the buff after my evening shower, so the PJs have been a godsend. Of course, after wearing them for just thirty minutes, I fell in love with them and went online to buy another pair. Sold out! Of course they were. They’re gorgeous. So I opted to get a pair of the same model, but in wine.

And the lack of photos featuring me in said pyjamas? Some things don’t deserve to make it onto the internet.

You’re welcome.

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