Lockdown Life

Another weekend rolls around

It’s Saturday morning and I once again find myself slightly incredulous that another week has passed. Lockdown has almost removed any meaning of either days or the passing of time.

It’s been a good week on the professional front and in reviewing all I wanted to do this week, I’m pretty happy with the results. More importantly, I managed to get it all done without sacrificing any sleep or putting in any crazy hours.

Not having to travel or commute obviously makes this all infinitely easier.

Less than an hour to go until my next Japanese class and I’m really looking forward to it. Something seemed to click during the last one and my confidence got a real boost. I practiced quite a bit, but also imagined myself back in Tokyo doing mundane things and seeing if I could summon up the correct questions. Buying coffee, ordering a beer, asking for directions.

I’m pleased to say it’s all coming together nicely. Now all I need is the opportunity to get to Tokyo and put it all into practice!

My weekend plans are as exciting as anyone else living in lockdown down. Enjoying meals at home, catching up on TV and fitting in some form of exercise. The weather in London right now is appalling, so today will most definitely be an indoors day. And I’m actually fine with that. No need to wear shoes, the opportunity to lie around in my favourite Uniqlo ‘loungewear’ (so aptly named), and read or watch something entertaining.

I wonder when weekends will start to involve other people, meaning I have to leave the apartment? I wonder when I’ll wake up in a different city? I wonder when I’ll share a meal with someone I don’t actually live with all the time…

Still. We’re both virus-free, both gainfully employed and haven’t murdered each other yet. Lockdown life is bearable.

For now.

4 comments on “Another weekend rolls around

  1. ethnicolor

    My own work is becoming too busy again as a project that was put on ice last March is cranking up again. I spent all Saturday and Sunday working to catch up on other commitments. Meanwhile most of my colleagues in the office I’m associated with left on Friday (they all applied for and were given a voluntary severance package). I can see 2021 being a “a bit of a handful.” But what I wanted to ask you is “how do you schedule time to do things outside of work, especially now that everything including work has to happen in the home?” I find my weekdays are up/exercise/work/dinner/housework/bed. Unlike last year, last decade, I just can’t seem to fit anything else in. I have the sneakiest suspicion that I’m frittering the hours away somehow, yet I try to be focused. I don’t junk-watch stuff (usually), yet just getting time in each day to read a couple of pages of news or blogs is virtually impossible. I have plans to _write_ blog pages, but if I can’t even find time to _read_ them…

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    • Honestly? I don’t think it’s helpful to compare. We probably have very different approaches to life, to work and to how we spend our time.

      When it comes to blogs, I fit in 10mins here and there around major commitments. I find it easier to find these brief windows, rather than attempt to clear swathes of time in my schedule. On top of that, I do the majority of my writing for blogs (work too) at the weekend. I find Saturday and Sunday mornings to be the perfect time for it. I also view it as leisure, so it’s something I look forward to, rather than a commitment I have to keep. I think that helps too.

      But I’m not as frequent a writer as I might be, and the long silences on here from time to time illustrate how my interest wanes and my workload increases.

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  2. ethnicolor

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. Do you write-and-publish, or do you write up a few articles at a time and publish them periodically?


    • Honestly, there’s very little method here. Sometimes I feel inspired and grab my iPad to start tapping away at the keyboard. Sometimes (as you can see) it’s day before I visit wordpress and even feel a bit resentful towards it. So I leave it alone. I’m trying to be much more organised over on my Apple blog – though even this week, work and illness have slowed me down a little.


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