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A day in the life of my Apple Watch

Something I remember from the first few weeks after I got my first ever Apple Watch was the sheer number of people who asked me what it was for.

They understood it was a watch, but really couldn’t understand the value beyond that. Reactions ranged from suspicion to outright hostility, mostly based on the cost.

Now I’m on my Series 6 model of the Apple Watch and I’m more than ready to answer the question: what’s the point of that? Here, folks, is a breakdown of how I use mine every single day.


My day starts with an alarm on my Apple Watch. I have a ‘silent’ vibrating alarm set to go off at 6:30am, along with automated bedroom lights. Really, I need a brass band marching through my room to get me fully awake, but the watch and light certainly help. A quick look at the watch to confirm the time (and avoid falling back asleep) and I can control the lights and heating with a command to Siri.

I then stagger off to make some coffee.

Keeping on track

My watch face features a bunch of complications, including the calendar one. This means I can just glance at the watch to see who my next appointment is with. The watch also sends me a select number of notifications, including from my favourite task manager, ToDoist, the habit tracking app Streaks and a few others. I learnt very early on to limit the number of apps you allow to send notifications to the watch. Otherwise, my wrist just won’t stop buzzing and the notifications lose all meaning.

Collectively, this information helps me know what I’m supposed to be doing, avoid forgetting anything important and remember to keep on top of the healthy habits I’m working to cultivate right now.

While I’m waiting by the coffee machine, I can quickly scan through my appointments and tasks for the day, to remind me of my primary focus and goals. All without picking up my phone.

My day is punctuated with timers set via Siri – everything from timing the brewing of my tea in the afternoon, to cooking timers and timers if I take a nap. Yes! It’s great just to whisper your desired nap time duration to Siri and lie back knowing you won’t oversleep.

Keeping in touch

I use my watch to message others all day long. I love dictating replies to texts, and can keep on top of WhatsApp conversations without reaching for my phone. It took me a while to get over the discomfort of speaking into my watch in public. I was afraid of looking strange (okay, stranger than usual) but I quickly realised that other people don’t really care. And if they do, I give fewer…concerns…than I used to.

So when out shopping, I can spot messages from my other half asking me to add things to our groceries and acknowledge it with a quick ‘okay’ while my hands are full. I can send the off thumbs up emoji to endless WhatsApp conversations to signal I’m still here.

Keeping moving

One of the best things about the Apple Watch is the fitness tracking. I have my fitness rings on the screen and can keep an eye on how I’m doing throughout the day. With a sedentary job like mine, it’s just too easy to stay seated all day.

The Apple Watch makes it super easy to track walks, runs and many other forms of exercise. I use it for those and for yoga. Now that I’m using Apple Fitness + it’s great to do my yoga in front of the TV and know that all the exercise is being recording and counting towards my targets. Even without Fitness+, it’s great for measuring walks and trying to beat my PBS when out for a run.

When out running, I can control the podcasts, audiobooks or music I’m listening to from my wrist. This means I can keep my iphone safely zipped up in a pocket. Strictly speaking, I don’t need the phone with me at all, but I take it for safety’s sake. I have epilepsy and when training for half-marathons I could find myself on the other side of London. I don’t want to have an ‘episode’ and not be able to call anyone for help.

Plus, on longer runs, I love to use the phone to take photos to add to my Strava record later on. I mean, if I don’t take a sweaty selfie and post it online, did the run even happen?

From there to here

I honestly couldn’t have imagined just how much I’d come to depend on the Apple Watch when I first got it. It’s now almost permanently attached to me; not because I think it’s ‘cool’ but because it helps me navigate a busy life with far less stress than might be the case.

It has morphed into a bit of a personal assistant, gently vibrating on my wrist to remind me of what, where and who I should turn my attention to next. I might even suggest it’s as important to me as my iPhone. I know I feel naked when I don’t have it on.

2 comments on “A day in the life of my Apple Watch

  1. That pretty much sums up my own experience. FWIW, I had written and scheduled my own Apple Watch experience post for today and had not read yours until now.
    I like reading a person’s review of their practical experience with the watch (how it benefits them) rather than their review of the watch itself (like specs and feature set).
    I like how you don’t care what people might think about you talking aloud to your watch. That feature is so dang handy. It kinda feels empowering.

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