Lockdown Life

Another week done…

So it’s once again Friday afternoon and I’m frankly astonished. As an adult, I understand how the passing of time works and in which order I should expect the days of the week.

All the same, it’s come around with alarming speed and it’s almost like yesterday I was heading to bed on Sunday night thinking about the week ahead. Lockdown has definitely done crazy things to my perception of time.

All in all, it was a very good week – considering I’m living through a global pandemic – and I’m thoroughly used to this permanent working from home arrangement. Yes, I miss the office, but it’ll be there when I’m ready to go back and visit it.

I find myself differentiating the days of the week by what I’m able to watch on TV. For weeks, Friday was marked by new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and The Mandalorian. Now, it’s Wandavision on Fridays and The Expanse on Wednesdays. An hour of escapism with no bad news, no political crises and no stupidity.

I’m using my time on the elliptical trainer in the evenings to watch YouTube videos I’ve been saving up and I’ve found that old broadcasts of the Eurovision Song Contest keep me entertained for an hour at a time. Don’t laugh, but it’s true! If I’m not on the trainer, I’m doing one of the yoga classes on Apple Fitness +. Combined with my diet and Dry January, I can see the difference it’s all making – and my electronic scales, who can’t be bribed, concur.

So, no huge personal development projects like learning how to bake bread or make my own clothing from found objects. But instead a realistic attempt to look after this body I’ve been given and come out the other side of lockdown feeling marginally better than when I went in.

And isn’t that all I can ask for?

(Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash)

2 comments on “Another week done…

  1. ethnicolor

    We are on the same vision-quest… My days start with the elliptical machine + YouTube watchlist, followed by yoga cool-down on Apple Fitness. No starch, no sugar. Not only do my bathroom scales show my weight decreasing, but _the chef_ said to me, “You lost weight,” so I k is it’s working.

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