Lockdown Life

Vicarious photo happiness

In the absence of being able to doing anything in the ‘real world’, due to lockdown, I’m enjoying looking back over my photos from previous years, to see what I was up to.

It’s been a fun distraction from the monotony of lockdown life in dreary January.

This day last year, I was out running under sunshine and blue skies. I snapped the photo above as I got to Shadwell Basin, as I don’t think I’d ever seen the water so calm and the reflections so perfect.

That evening, the sky was ablaze and Canary Wharf was full of people taking snaps of the horizon. I was among them and enjoyed a walk by the river to watch the sky cycle through a range of magnificent shades.

After discovering some lovely pics a few weeks back, I now start my day with a quick gander at the past, losing myself in some very pleasant memories in the process. It’s been a delight and, without any recent travel memories to enjoy, it’s been a source of smiles as I sip my first coffee of the morning.

3 comments on “Vicarious photo happiness

  1. ethnicolor

    Dude, I remember those pictures! A year! Blimey…!


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