A new iPad Mini?

Although the Apple rumour mill seems to be constantly at work, rumours of a new iPad Mini have increased over the last week.

The iPad Mini was last updated in 2019 and has basically had the same form factor since it was first introduced. It is, in other words, ripe for an upgrade. Looking at the rumours out there, it seems like there are two possibilities.

The iteration

This would mean the mini getting a fast processor and a slightly bigger screen. The form factor would remain the same, but the bezels would be reduced in size to accommodate the screen. So, more screen in the same size table.

Aside from that, we’d still have Touch ID and a lightning port at the bottom of the device. You mightn’t even be able to tell the iPad Mini 5 and 6 apart from the back. So yes, a very iterative update.

The revision

This rumour suggests that the iPad mini gets a makeover like the iPad Pro. The same flattened edges and the Face ID. It would also work with the Apple Pencil 2, so no need to recharge by sticking it in your lightning port. Speaking of which, this would have a USB-C connection, leavening lightning behind.

To me, this sounds both wonderful but highlight unlikely. The iteration sounds a lot more realistic, if unexciting. But at least the Mini is being kept alive!

Personally, I’d love a bigger screen, same form factor, iPad Pro styling and Apple Pencil 2 functionality. This would be the ‘always in my bag’ iPad. The ‘digital notepad’ iPad.

We should know all by the end of March and I expect the rumour mill to ramp up speculation and gossip a lot between now and then.

(Photo by Joan Tran on Unsplash)

4 comments on “A new iPad Mini?

  1. ethnicolor

    I always loved my Mini when I had it – I’m not sure that I have a need for one though, no matter how much I’d desire one again. I get along with great with the 12.9 Pro and my Max-sized iPhone. 2021 is my tech refresh year, and I keep I’m going to keep to that inventory.

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    • “Need” versus “want” is a tension I’m all too familiar with. Depending on what is potentially released, I could see myself using an iPad mini Pro alongside my MacBook Pro and an iPhone. Negating the need for an iPad Pro. That said, I’m more confident they’ll announce a minor upgrade, leaving it as my main comics reader and social media tool.


      • ethnicolor

        All we need is infinite money to buy all the things; then we’d be happy, right? Oh yeah… 😜

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  2. One thing I want in iPad is the Smart Connector for the Smart Keyboard. I doubt the iPad mini will be big enough for a cramped keyboard. But the currents sized case with a bigger screen would be sweet! I’m intrigued by the Pencil too.

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