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Seize the blue skies!

I looked up from my laptop to see the sunshine reflecting off the buildings opposite this afternoon and knew I had to get outside. Reader, I went for a run.

I’m still allowed my daily outdoor exercise, even under the terms of Lockdown 3.0 here in London. And to be honest, it’s more important than ever.

Yes, it was cold. And yes, the Thames Path was chock a block with groups of people walking together (I swear I don’t understand this mentality). But it was fantastic to get some fresh air, stretch my legs and enjoy the feeling of sunshine on my face.

Unfortunately, as this was a post-lunch run, it was doubly hard work. I don’t know why, but I always run faster first thing in the morning. It’s like my energy dips in the afternoon and my stamina evaporates. And this isn’t in my mind – the stats from Strava bear it out. It doesn’t matter – a run is a run. And a run is better than no run.

It wasn’t helped of course by my staying up late last night watching the carnage in the US. Five hours of non-stop streaming American news was too much for my delicate mind and I lay awake for hours later, unable to get to sleep. But post-run, I’m feeling energised and a lot more relaxed.

Running: the perfect antidote to fascist-induced insomnia.

2 comments on “Seize the blue skies!

  1. ethnicolor

    I love the shots of London you include in your posts. The transforming skyline of that part of London is amazing. I still remember rattling around the East End on the DLR on my first time in London in 1987. They had just opened the DLR and I remember wondering “why have they put this railway in a building site?” My next DLR trip was about 2010, going out to Greenwich, and I couldn’t believe the transformation. It’s funny, but despite all the visits to London in all those years since, I still expect to see the city as it was over 30 years ago.

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    • Thank you – I know we’re very lucky to be around a nice cityscape. And it changes so fast, I’m not surprised you can see the transformation. I haven’t left the apartment in over a week and I know that when I go out for a walk later, I’ll see something that has changed. Maybe a new building has been finished, maybe a new path has reopened. Now if they could just do all this construction a little more quietly…

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