Lockdown Life

Working from home. Again.

I travelled into my office yesterday, to gather up some items to help me work from home effectively. It was really bittersweet – after moving in back in September, I finally have the office how I like it and now I have to work from home!

Today was my first Lockdown 3.0 working from home day and it’s gone rather well. I was surprisingly productive all morning and got ahead of my schedule. I’m working from the dining room table as @TheFrankFlyer had a series of business calls – so he’s using our study today.

I have my MacBook Pro up on a laptop stand and I brought home my office iMac’s bluetooth keyboard and trackpad for a more ergonomic setup. It’s absolutely fine, but I’m glad I have a larger monitor and desk in the study for days when I need them.

I’ve been using Spotify and my AirPods Pro to minimise distraction. No music, but playlists that replicate the sounds from a cafe. It’s really useful and blocks out the noise from nearby apartments and the traffic outside. I feel like I’ve been working in a Starbucks all morning. With the advantage of not having to wear shoes!

Right now, the late afternoon sunshine is reflecting off the buildings opposite and bathing the living room in the most beautiful tones. I definitely wouldn’t get this in my ‘real’ office, so it’s something to enjoy. Plus, no commute!

Tonight is all about a workout on the cross-trainer and then some Nordic Noir on TV. Something tasty and semi-healthy for dinner. And I’m still sticking to Dry January. Go me!

It’s definitely not a fun experience, but I’m determined to make the best of Lockdown 3.0. One day at a time. What else can I do?

2 comments on “Working from home. Again.

  1. ethnicolor

    Well done on your focus – I love focus music & background noise too. I have the opposite problem to you; it’s extremely quiet where I live. Whilst the peace of the countryside is something I love, sometimes putting on a cafe-noise background track, or some nice focus music helps to ‘mix it up a bit’. By the way, have you every come across the iOS app ‘myNoise’ by myNoise BVBA? A vast list of music, sounds, noises etc, but with an amazing presets for each sound, plus a mode where the app gradually mixes the different tracks of each sound so you get an ever-shifting mix that never repeats exactly. Plus the ability to customise your own mix of each of the sounds and save as a favourite. A real small-time developer, no subscription or anything like that, just chuck them a pound or two as a tip and you get all the sounds you want. And the quality of the music and natural recordings is second to none, IMHO.

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    • I hear you – silence can be very distracting too. I’ll check out that noise app – it sounds like it could be really helpful. Focus and concentration are priceless while working from home, especially in this climate.

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