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Mixing it up!

No running today! After a month off, I thought that running three times in a row might be pushing it. But I didn’t slack off completely…

I started the day with a yoga session, courtesy of Apple Fitness Plus. It was considerably tougher than I thought it was going to be, but a great (steep) learning curve and I’m looking forward to repeating it this week.

After lunch, it was time for a walk. The weather looked inviting, but it was pretty chilly along the Thames Path. And unfortunately, it was also pretty busy. We did just over 5km in an hour and turned back due to the crowds – and their lack of social distancing.

I can’t understand people’s reluctance to walk single-file when the path is busy. Some insist on walking two- and three-abreast, forcing others onto muddy verges or into the street to avoid them. And mask-less, of course. There’s a pattern there.

This afternoon, I relaxed with my Kindle and enjoyed a new book…about a pandemic! I know. WTF? It’s called Lockdown and is set in a London living with the threat of a bird flu pandemic. It’s actually mostly about a grisly murder and the pandemic is the backdrop, but it was very engaging and I finished it just before it was time to cook dinner.

I made us a low-far and healthy prawn stir-fry. No beers or desserts in sight. I mean, come on – this is quite the change from the month of December, right? Let’s see how the rest of January goes…

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