The first run of ’21

Starting as I mean to go on, I hit the streets this morning for a brisk 5km. It was lovely and quiet on the Thames Path and absolutely perfect running weather.

This route is really only a 30 minute slice of my day, so getting out for a run like this is mainly about being organised. And getting out the door before I talk myself out of it! I know it like the back of my hand, so it allows me to concentrate on my gait and posture. Which makes all the difference.

I run for mental clarity, for stress management, for time alone and for time outside of our apartment. Tracking my runs allows me to see improvements, trends and (although I know I shouldn’t) comparisons with others. I also know it contributes to overall wellbeing and weight loss – the latter on my mind this morning after weighing myself.


Another reminder to adjust several of my habits this month, to get back in the saddle and to keep moving. Did somebody say ‘Dry January’…? Time to move some of those beers out of the fridge.

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