Travel Memories

This time last year…

We were wrapping up a post-Christmas visit to Fife, Scotland, to see my family and celebrate my sister’s birthday.

This photo was taken as we boarded our flight back to London City Airport from Edinburgh Airport, having enjoyed some quiet time (and beers) in the British Airways lounge.

That was in the ‘old world’, when you could just hop on and off planes without any worries. (Except for what you were doing to the planet). We’d spent Christmas in The Netherlands seeing @TheFrankFlyer’s family and were looking forward to a quiet New Year’s Eve at home in London.

Not in my wildest dreams could I have predicted a year like 2020 – and remember, I love to read post-apocalyptic fiction!

But scrolling through my photos app reminds me of how normal life used to be. And how it’ll get better in the coming months. Waking up to news that a second vaccine has been approved for use in the UK is the kind of positive story I’d like to read more of.

I have to say, the positive effect of looking at memories in my photos has been just the boost I needed today. We’ve enjoyed some wonderful holidays over the last decade and I’m sure we’ll be able to go and visit family and friends again in the coming months. But sometimes, looking at those photos is like looking at another world.

The most important thing is that we’re wrapping up this disastrous year in one piece, together and able to look to the future with some sort of optimism. But I also know that as soon as the clocks chime midnight tomorrow night, things aren’t going to suddenly improve – even though it will be nice not to write 2020 anymore.

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