(Beer) Advent revisited: Triple Hazy

I may have mentioned that I (amazingly) received two Brewdog beer advent calendars this year. Quite the selection of brews and tastes, which I inevitably failed to write up to completion here.

Having competed one calendar, I’m now going back through the second one and, like the anarchist I am, drinking them in any damed order I like. In anticipation of a bit of a health reset next month, I’m filling my boots now.

This evening, I’m starting with one of my favourites from the calendar, a super tasty hazy IPA called ‘Triple Hazy‘. IPA is, broadly speaking, my favourite style of beer. And this one is a doozy. It’s also incredibly strong, at 9.5%. So not something – for me at least – to chug back.

I’ve set aside all my other favourites from the calendar and then put the least-favoured to the back of the cupboard. For visitors. Honestly. Whenever we’re allowed have visitors into our home again, I know a few people who’d be only too happy to have the beers I’d like to avoid.

As you can see from the above photo, today has been all about the sofa and the sweatpants. I consider today’s major accomplishments as a) getting washed and b) getting dressed. We’re in the no man’s land between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and I’m still on holidays. I plan to take advantage of the opportunity to be a slob.

A beer slob, if you will. Cheers!

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