Returning my AirPods Max

Well, the title says it all. I’m returning my AirPods Max to Apple. After a week of intensive use, I have to say they’re not for me.

There’s no one thing that stands out as ‘wrong’ with them, but for the money, they just don’t tick all my boxes. They’re not waterproof or even sweat-proof, the materials are prone to staining after contact with human skin, the case is a total joke, so I’d be paranoid about leaving home with them.

I spent some more time this afternoon comparing both comfort and sound quality with my Bose QuietComfort headphones. They’ve accompanied on my many travels, keeping me entertained on epically long flights to Bangkok, Tokyo and Singapore. I know them inside out.

The Bose are lighter on the head, provide more bass and are more comfortable when worn with glasses. The noise cancelling is excellent. The Airpods Max feel more solid, pair seamlessly with all my Apple devices and charge incredibly quickly.

But all of those advantages don’t add up to £550 value for me, I’m afraid.

So, with a slightly heavy heart, I initiated the return process this afternoon and they’ll be in the post to Apple on Tuesday morning.

Perhaps if they release a ‘sports’ version of the AirPods Max that include sweat-proofing, non-staining materials and a protective case, I might be tempted. But for now, my Bose headphones will keep me entertained into 2021.

5 comments on “Returning my AirPods Max

  1. ethnicolor

    Blimey. Well, the reviews have been like yours; great quality but high maintenance, and that stupid, stupid case.

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    • Yep. They are beautiful, but impractical and the eye-watering price makes them more so. I’m sure they’ll have their many fans, but they’re just not for me. Glad I could test them out though.


  2. Wow, so what about “Spatial Audio”? Did you try that out watching a movie on iPad and was it good? Was it not enough to justify the cost? I have not tried spatial audio as my AirPods gen 2 lack it. I might try AirPods Pro eventually. But I wouldn’t buy the AirPods Max; just too high a price for me.

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    • Yeah, the price wasn’t justified. I have AirPods Pro and the spatial audio is amazing. I love watching shows on my iPad while on the elliptical trainer. It makes the whole experience better.

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