Easing into Christmas…

No alarms this morning, I just woke when I woke and got out of bed when I was good and ready. We’re having a very relaxed Christmas this year.

Is there any point in turning the day into some kind of olympic event, timetabled to death, putting ourselves under enormous pressure to meet arbitrary deadlines?

It’s just the two of us this year, so we’ll enjoy Christmas as we wish.

I made a coffee to activate what’s left of my brain and then @TheFrankFlyer and I exchanged gifts under the tree. Then another coffee and a quick look online and in messages/whatsapp to wish friends a Merry Christmas.

We’ll shortly have some breakfast, after which I’ll do some of the prep for lunch. We pan to take a walk as long as the weather holds up and eat lunch later in the afternoon. All subject to change, as we want to.

Despite the obvious downsides, social media is great for staying in touch with friends abroad. In moments this morning, I was chatting with both a friend in Tokyo and one in Ireland. All of us having a very different Christmas.

I’m now relaxing on the sofa and reflecting on the car crash of a year that we’ve managed to survive. I’m hopefully 2021 will be better (could it be worse?!) and holding onto some optimism that I’ll get to see more of my family in the flesh and actually get to leave this island at some point.

All dependent on getting a vaccine when all the priority groups have been taken care of. Which can’t come soon enough!

Whatever form it’s taken and whomever you’re spending it with, I hope you have an enjoyable, relaxing day.

5 comments on “Easing into Christmas…

  1. Merry Christmas 🙂

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  2. ethnicolor

    Hope you two are enjoying a nice break over Christmas!

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