(Beer) Advent day twenty three: Marshmallow and Chocolate Stout

Well, the daily updates on my beer advent calendar kind of trailed off, didn’t they? Needless to say, I’ve continued to enjoy each day’s beer, I just haven’t had the time to write up each experience.

But here we are, almost at the end of the advent adventure, with a stellar stout that left me licking my lips.

I’m a big fan of stouts (I’m from Dublin, remember?) but this is not your typical stour. With marshmallow and chocolate, it doesn’t even sound like a stout. But it definitely is.

You can smell the sweet notes the moment you open the can and, while there’s definitely some of the familiar bitter stout in the background, it’s mostly chocolate with a hint of coffee all the way down. This is one to savour, not gulp – and at 7%, that’s important.

This is definitely one of the ‘wins’ from the advent calendar and one I hope to enjoy again at Brewdog once bars in London open up again.

Whenever that may be…

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