An AirPods Max surprise!

Well I wasn’t expecting that…

A quick scan of the Apple Store first thing this morning revealed that, contrary to all previous expectations, AirPods Max were in stock! Sure, it was the white ones and not the black ones I was after.

But they were in stock and available for pick up this very morning in Regent Street. It didn’t take me long to decide.

Yoink! Into my basket.

Then the heart stopping moment that nearly derailed the whole thing: I’d selected Apple Pay but had neglected to set up any credit cards on my new MacBook Pro.

Cue several frantic seconds of going through those security hoops, all the time worrying the delay would mean I’d somehow lose my chance. Moments later, the AirPods were in my basket and my Amex had been billed an eye-watering amount for the pleasure.

Now for pick-up

A quick dash into the West End of London later (wear a mask on the tube, please!) and I was outside the Apple Store. The queue outside was surprisingly small and well organised. Apple staff guided people into appropriate lanes and ensured everyone stayed a safe distance apart. My temperature was checked and my pickup card in Apple Wallet was scanned. I was directed to wait to one side and only had enough time to send a single test message before a store employee approached me with my AirPods Max all bagged up to go.

I left the store two minutes ahead of my pick up appointment even started. Big thanks to the staff of Apple Regent Street for their friendliness, organisation and general professionalism.

Initial reactions

So I’m now back home, have unpacked the AirPods Max (don’t worry, lots of unboxing photos are on the way!) and spent just a few minutes testing them out. I can say with less than an hour’s use that the sound quality is excellent. They’re pretty comfortable, though a little heavy.

Watch this space for a fuller review once I’ve put them through their paces this weekend.

2 comments on “An AirPods Max surprise!

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