(Beer) Advent Day Nine: Duopolis

This was a lovely surprise. On opening the advent calendar this morning, I was sure I recognised the name and positive I’d tasted it before – I just couldn’t remember what it was like.

Now that I’ve finally cracked open the can, I’m pleased to say Duopolis is a delight.

“Two cities in one. Double up with this double dried hopped IPA. A fully loaded hoppy precinct with kiwi, lychee and berry notes. All sitting on firm malt foundations. Milk sugar rounds and sweetens out the full tilt, juicy flavour. And oats ensure an asphalt smooth delivery.”

I can definitely smell – and taste – the fruit.

It’s very drinkable and has a really smooth mouth-feel. The flavour isn’t as over-powering as some of Brewdog’s other offerings and it’s quite mellow. Very, very nice. I’m glad there’s another one lurking at the back of a cupboard somewhere.

What with having two of these advent calendars. I’m spoiled, I know…

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