Apple Fitness+: Less than a week to go!

Although it seems like an age since Apple first announced their new subscription-based fitness service, we all know that in 2020, time has lost all meaning.

Nevertheless, I’m still surprised Apple Fitness+ is launching next week! I’d almost forgotten about it, even though it was only a couple of months ago when they outlined the service.

I’m really looking forward to using it, and not just because I’m a fan boy. Really. I’m am avid runner and I love yoga. I use my Apple Watch to track both, but for the latter, I use an app on the Apple TV to learn the various poses and transitions. So I’m interested to see what Apple has to offer in the yoga space.

And while I have a gym membership, it’s pretty much a concept at this point. COVID-19 got in the way big style, so I’ve been getting all my exercises either by running outdoors, taking long walks or some gentle yoga. I’d like to use it to get more cardio exercise in the comfort (and safety) of my own home.

If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ll renew my gym membership next year. From what I’ve seen and heard, my local gym has been doing an appalling job of maintaining social distancing and cleanliness, never mind mask-wearing. So getting my exercise in at home looks to be the way forward.

My main concern is variety. I don’t want to be constrained to just a handful of workouts. Though I can run for 20 kilometres without getting bored (honest) I can’t repeat many classes or indoor workouts before looking for something new to challenge me. If they update classes weekly, as promised, I should be a happy customer.

I’m also not going to buy any equipment. I don’t have a rowing machine or any weights, so I want to see just what’s possible with an exercise mat and a pair of trainers.

Apple Fitness+ will work on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, but requires an Apple Watch and a monthly subscription, starting at £9.99. Mine is bundled with the Apple One package I went for, but even before that was launched, I’d made my mind up that I was at least going to trial the new fitness service.

Here’s to a new week, some new apps and a fresh start on the fitness front!

3 comments on “Apple Fitness+: Less than a week to go!

  1. ethnicolor

    I just finished my first basic workout – I found it challenging enough. The pace is quite fast and as usual with exercise I find it very difficult to figure out my lefts and my rights whist trying to watch at the same time.
    I like that they show the same exercises being done by people with with different flexibility levels. Showing the exercise being done with a support chair is game-changing for me; my back would never survive that kind of motion without support.
    The service itself is not quite baked yet. Although I bought a new Apple Watch a fortnight ago, I didn’t get the offer of 3 months free subscription. MacRumors says this problem is being reported widely around the world, so I have my support letter in. Also my brother (who is in my Apple family) enabled the service first, and so it was his 1 month subscription that got enabled for the family. He had to lose that month so I could step in as previously arranged.
    Finally, the Apple Fitness app cannot be installed on iPadOS yet, despite the instructions. Like the missing 3 months free subscription, this problem is also being reported in MacRumors, so I’m guessing Apple will get around to fixing it.

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    • Well done! You beat me to it – I’ve yet to try any of the workouts, mostly because I’m suffering with a god-awful head cold right now. Yes, it sounds like it’s a mixed bag of accessible and interactive features and a bunch of missing or incorrect functionality. Hopefully they’ll sort it out in the days to come. Personally, having it on my iPad Pro is a major plus, as it means I can workout wherever I have a flat surface in the apartment, while the Apple TV is great for living room workouts. I’ve always wondered why my Fitness data wasn’t accessible on my iPad from day one – so much more useful on the bigger screen.


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