Incoming: Apple AirPods Max!

Well, I wasn’t expecting that! Today’s rumoured Apple product release was for a pair of high-end noise-cancelling AirPods, call ‘AirPods Max‘.

I spotted the news coming in on Twitter, with all the usual tech suspects sharing the details. But what I didn’t spot for some time was the price. £549 for a pair of headphones! That’s quite the price.

I wonder how much this is Apple tax and how much the price is warranted. They look superb, I’m sure they sound great. But that price. It’s steep, to say the least.

That said, I have ordered a pair. I know, I know! Madness. But the Apple returns policy is very good. I’ve not had a holiday all year. And it’s almost Christmas. Also, given the fact that we’re in a global pandemic, I’m in lockdown and live in a small London apartment, any technology that allows me to feel like I’m somewhere else is fine by me.

I’ve order them in ‘space grey’ as I can’t be bothered trying to colour coordinate all my accessories anymore! Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough and the backlog means it’ll be January 6th before I get mine.

Rest assure I’ll include my review here!

2 comments on “Incoming: Apple AirPods Max!

  1. ethnicolor

    I will await your review with interest!

    Liked by 1 person

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