(Beer) Advent day six: Brewdog v Cloudwater IPA

Well, that’s a bit of a mouthful. Another nice big can emerged from the Brewdog Advent Calendar this morning and I smiled when I saw it was an IPA.

Many hours later, including a new Christmas tree, some Christmas card writing and a delicious brunch, and I’m back on the sofa with another Brewdog beer. Quite the habit. I cracked open my can of Brewdog x Cloudwater IPA a few moments ago and the first thing I noticed was the intense tropical fruit aroma.

Anyway, this I like. It’s a delicious fruity IPA with just the right amount of bitterness – for me, anyway. However, at 6.8%, its a little on the strong side for me. But for an occasional treat, it’s just the thing. I’ll definitely be adding some to my next Brewdog order and will keep it at the back of the larder for that special occasion.

Another win from the advent calendar! Let’s see how many days we can keep this going for.


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