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Tan-lines detective work

I spotted this on Reddit this morning and it made me laugh!

I’ve come to similar conclusions about others on the beach while in Spain and, without judging, trying to come up with their back story.

You can spot the first-timers, due to tan-lines where shorts or bikinis used to be. You can spot the regulars who are deep brown, with no tan-lines. And of course, the people who forgot to put sunscreen on their feet, hands or buttocks. Lobster pink and walking uncomfortably. 😬

While I love sun-bathing, I consistently forget to turn over (I get engrossed in people-watching and/or listening to podcasts) and end up being more tanned on my front than my back. Walking up and down the beach does help with this a bit, but despite this, I’ve a consistently pale white strip on my left wrist where my Apple Watch lives. The price of being a geek.

I’m looking down at my feet right now and I’m kind of shocked at just how white they are. And, wrist aside, my whole body has regressed to its natural Irish pre-sunshine state. I’m paler than I’ve been in a long time and photos from past trips to the sun are almost shocking.

I look like a different person!

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