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Taking in the views

As well as meeting a couple of important work deadlines, having an excellent catch-up with an old colleague and enjoying my first Christmas Sandwich (from M&S), yesterday presented me with some spectacular views from our balcony here in London.

No filter was applied to any of these photos, no touching-up required. I’m still blown away by the quality of the images from my iPhone 12 Pro and take any opportunity to snap my surroundings to see just how good the quality is.

You might wonder how it’s possible to see the beauty of a sunset when I’m surrounded by these apartment blocks. But the joy of glass frontages means while we get a ‘natural sunrise’ directly through our windows in the morning, we get the reflected glory of the sunset courtesy of our neighbours.

Some evenings, these reflections light up our whole apartment and I just love it. I also love how our apartment building is perfectly reflected in the building opposite and find myself looking at it for ages – possibly to the consternation of those living opposite.

I’m writing this the next morning while enjoying my coffee, looking out at the very welcome sunshine and enjoying flashbacks to travels in the past. The simple pleasure of sitting in mediterranean sunshine and soaking up weeks worth of vitamin D in an afternoon.

Hear my pledge: I will never take sunshine for granted again! Roll on 2021 and a return to travel normality. By which I mean weeks spent on a beach in Sitges and various city breaks to my favourite spots in Europe. Spending as much time in the sun as possible and soaking up the beauty around me.

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