(Beer) Advent Day Five: Double Punk

I have to admit, when I opened today’s door on the Brewdog Advent Calendar, I was momentarily disappointed.

The colour of the can looked identify to Punk IPA, and I’d had one of those on day one. Second later, I realised I was wrong. It was a lot bigger than I was expecting (matron!) and then I saw the label. I was holding in my hand my first ever can of Double Punk.

Think Punk IPA, but stronger – in ever sense of the word. Stronger hoppy taste and stronger in terms of alcohol. It’s 8.5%, which is a lot boozier than I normally go for. I have to say it’s delicious. Tasty and very, very drinkable.

I’m not sure it’s one I’ll be buying regularly as I don’t think I need the hit that inevitably comes with extra-strong beer. If anything, I’m more drawn to session IPAs. In fact, I bought six cans of Beavertown Nanobot in M&S this afternoon. It was on sale (only £1.10 a can) and much lower in alcohol at only 2.8%.

All the same, I won’t quibble. The advent calendar provided something I’d never tasted before and something I enjoyed drinking. Mission accomplished!


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