(Beer) Advent day four: Snowball

Great! Another Brewdog advent calendar beer that I’ve never tasted before – nor heard of. This is a strange one…

It has a creamy ‘mouth feel’, hence the cream soda reference. But there’s also an aftertaste of lager. But even with that, it’s a bit sweet for me. Maybe not even too sweet, but the taste is too artificially sweet? A little metallic.

As I write this, I’m actually drinking a ‘Double or Nothing’ from Brewdog, which is quite fruity and sweet. But nowhere near the Snowball. So I guess I’ve identified my limit when it comes to beers that taste like something from the pick’n’mix.

Even though this wasn’t a winner for me, I don’t mind one bit. It’s always great to sample new flavours and have new tasting experiences. It’s why there’s nothing I like more than to order a flight of unfamiliar beers and then work may way through the different flavours and aromas. And yes, maybe even take some notes!

I finished the whole can of Snowball, but there was no way I’d be up for a second. One was more than enough. And yes, I’m glad I didn’t order a pint…

Twenty-one more advent calendar beers to sample. I’m really enjoying this, though I’m sure my body is going to protest at some point. (You didn’t think the advent beer was the only one I was having each evening. Did you?)

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